Annie’s 18th

I’ve known Anisha for four-teen entire years. How crazy is that? I definitely couldn’t miss her 18th birthday party.

Saturday night was the place to be. She’d set up a massive marquee in her back garden which was carpeted in red. There were tables along one side with snacks and drinks and on the other was a pink banner saying “Happy 18th Birthday Anisha”. There was also a DJ as well as a photo-booth!

The whole night was amazing and everyone had a great time. We danced and ate and danced (and in my case ate even more…) We also used the photo-booth a lot of times (hehe) and took dozens of selfies. I managed to catch up with some old primary school friends who I hadn’t seen in donkey’s years which was really nice. I hope Anisha enjoyed the night; it was lovely watching her celebrate her 18th surrounded by her family and friends. 🙂

Here are some photos to sum up the night:














I had a brill time and hope the birthday girl did too!

Peace and love,
Viola xo


2 thoughts on “Annie’s 18th

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